Giraffes and Whales and Curtains - Oh My!

It's an exciting day over here, I have a new collection that just launched called Wild Animals! It all started from these little hand drawn sketches of various animals and turned in to a sophisticated, neutral design perfect for any little boy or girl! The pattern is being produced on a myriad of products including fabric, wall art, curtains, pillows, napkins, placemats, lampshades, hanging chandeliers, table runners, baby shower and birthday party invitations, envelopes, stamps, thank you notes, stickers, party favor tags and more! Whew! You can view the full collection online at my Minted Shop


This never-ending winter has been a bit challenging between school cancellations and being cooped up indoors trying to keep the kids busy, so I'm a bit behind on telling you what's new over here at Elizabeth Victoria Designs! Spring cannot come soon enough!!! So anyway, here's a few things that have been going on over the past few months… has been very good to me! I've been featured in their email campaigns for the past three months as well as the header on their home page which highlighted my designs for the famous movie, A Christmas Story. The latest one came yesterday and features not one, but TWO of my bridal shower invitations, Colorful Bride and Krafty Wedding. Super exciting! The two invitations are below and you can click on them to purchase directly through To view my other email campaigns and home page advertisements, click here to view them on my Press page. Hope everyone is surviving this crazy Polar Vortex! And as always, thanks for visiting!


My pediatrician's office has a wall of birth announcements that parents send them. Every time I'm there I always take a look to see what designs people choose and how they announce their baby to the world. I'm happy to say that I've seen a few of my birth announcement designs on their wall which always makes me giddy. Then, the other day I finally got a chance to sit down and catch up on some of the million magazines I have sitting on my coffee table. I picked up the latest issue (September 2013) of Parents magazine, started flipping through the pages and low and behold, what do I find? A full page ad of my Welcome Greetings Birth Announcement that is for sale on Shutterfly. (Mine's the one on the left, in case you're wondering) I did a little happy dance and had to share. Out of all of the thousands of designs that Shutterfly has for sale on their website, they pick mine to create a full page ad from. Pretty cool! You can view this announcement and my other Shutterfly designs here on my website.

This got me thinking that I need to start a "press" page on my website since I've been featured in a few email campaigns from Minted and now this. So that is what I did! You can view it here. Working hard does pay off!!!