trade show

Printsource Top Ten

There's a trade show in New York called Printsource. It's where all of the buyers from major companies shop for art (from booths where people like me display their art) to put on their products whether it be fashion, home decor, stationery, home goods, etc. A few of the big names that walk the show are Kate Spade, Gap, Nordstrom, Target, Ralph Lauren. Just to name a few! I had an opportunity to design two collections and submit them to the show's producer, Massimo Lacoboni, in order to win a booth to exhibit at next August. Well, the top ten finalists were announced today and guess who made it?! ME!!!!! I'm so ecstatic! Thinking about having one of my prints on a Kate Spade bag or on bedding sold at Macy's or Nordstrom is truly a dream come true. Below are the two mini collections that I created and you can read the full blog post here on Make It In Design. I'm so grateful to them for this opportunity and for helping select me as a finalist!

The winner will be announced on Monday so keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed, I'll be back with an update. Although if I win, I'm sure I'll be shouting it from the rooftops and you'll hear me!