I Made Drapes!

I decided to be ambitious over the weekend and make my son some drapes for his room. We've been in our house for a little over a year and a half and he still only had blinds...until TODAY! I'm not much of a sewer but I did make a bunch of curtains for our old house but that was way before I had kids. And time. I'm starting the new module of my Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design class in 2 weeks so figured it's perfect timing to get them done now before things get too busy again. I decided to use one of my surface pattern designs that I made for Minted's first fabric challenge, Gadgets. It's a really cute pattern for those boys that are bigger than 'little boys' but smaller than tweens. (Although, this would be really cute for the tween generation, too.) It has fun icons including iPhones, Razor scooters, headphones, and RipStiks in various colors and going in all different directions. The pattern comes in 6 different colorways. Here's the one I chose for my son's room since orange is his favorite color.

I ordered the fabric a few months ago and there were some kinks to work through with the colors so we got that all straightened out and then the box sat on my project table in my office for about 2 months! I made 2 panels and had enough fabric leftover to make a few pillows, too. One for his bed and one for my daughter, since she was a little jealous of all the big brother attention! Here's a few pics of how they turned out...

I had a little trouble getting the right exposure on the photo since the window is so bright, so here's a few detail pics, too. I decided to add a navy blue band on the bottom to add some interest to the vertical panels.

Here's a detail of the bottom. The photo is a little darker, it's a true navy blue with white stitching.

Detail of the top half. I sewed in a pocket to hang the drapes from. Looking back on it now, I'd probably just put clips on and let it hang straight. This I call the 'scrunchy effect'.....haha.

George has been my son's absolute favorite since he was a baby.

Close up of the square pillow.

I decided to color block the back of the pillows to add a little interest. I think they turned out really cute. My son loves his new drapes and my daughter is happy with her pillow, too!