Home Decor Available at Roostery & Spoonflower

Roostery is the sister company of the ever popular online fabric store, Spoonflower. They offer many home decor products including pillows, chairs, placemats, napkins, and tea towels. I'm excited to share that my designs are now available for sale on ALL of these products! And I'm secretly IN LOVE with the chairs, they are seriously unbelievable! In addition to the home decor items on Roostery, wallpaper, gift wrap and fabric (of course!) are also available at Spoonflower! So many options! Here is a quick slideshow of just a few of the products. You can view my entire line at my two online shops, Roostery and Spoonflower. The best way to view the products on Roostery is to click on the type of product on the left side menu and then you'll be able to see each design on the product. And don't forget, the holidays are upon us......these products make great holiday gifts! Happy Shopping!

New Home Decor on Guildery

New Home Decor on Guildery

Guildery is a home decor website with a different vision. They curate fabric collections so it's easier for the customer to purchase accessories for their home that are sure to coordinate. They take all the guesswork out of decorating, it's fantastic! Well, earlier this year

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New Home Decor Designs Coming Soon to Guildery

Holy cow, things are rocking and rolling over here. This summer has definitely kept me busy! In my best Olaf voice, "all good things, all good things!" (sorry, couldn't help it) I'm super excited to share with you that three of my surface pattern designs from a recent collection are going to be for sale this fall at Guildery!

If you're not familiar with this website, you HAVE to check it out. They sell all types of home decor including pillows (indoor and out), curtains/drapes, ottomans, headboards, and wallpaper. They offer modern and on trend color-coordinated collections so it takes the guessing out of those questions you ask yourself in the store like "will these pillows and drapes go together once I get them home?" They have the latest and greatest designs from artists all over the world (including me!) and if you love a design so much you can buy fabric by the yard, in your choice of 12 (yes, twelve!) different fabrics, and make whatever your heart desires! 

I can't divulge quite yet exactly which of my designs will be for sale but don't fret, you will hear once they go live in the big reveal! In the meantime, I'm able to share my special Guildery Coupon Code with you! Just click here to get $20 off your first order! 

Image credits guildery.com